The Virtual IP Law Office

An Office in the Cloud

The availabilty of reliable and ubiquitous broadband network access has enabled many small to medium sized enterprises to operate virtual offices leveraging the latest advancements in cloud computing. Business owners and professionals working in a virtual office are able to perform the same tasks as if they were in a traditional office. The benefits are obvious -- cost efficiency, flexibility, mobility, and global reach.

The Virtual Law Office

Johnston Law operates a virtual law office based on cloud technology bringing together a team of highly skilled Barristers, Solicitors, Patent & Trade-mark Agents, Foreign Associates and professional representatives. Utilizing cloud-based secured communications, document storage and retrieval systems, our professionals and support staff are able operate anywhere to provide our clients with the most comprehensive legal services available.

What We Do

Johnston Law specializes in all aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) law and litigation working virtually with the expertise of lawyers around the globe to protect our clients' intellectual property rights in Canada and abroad. Our practice areas include:

  • * Trade-marks
  • * Patents
  • * Anti-counterfeiting & Piracy
  • * Copyrights
  • * Industrial Designs
  • * Geographical Indications

Learn More

Our Toronto office is located in downtown Toronto near the Ontario Courts and Federal Courts of Canada. Please visit Johnston Law's main website to learn more about what we do, our expertise and how you can get in touch.

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